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Metal Hairpin Legs as Heirloom Furniture

Hairpin legs are a design style that was designed at the turn of the century. Their clean lines and unique style was complimented by their sturdy nature – they are made of solid steel after all. Sometimes an original piece of hairpin furniture resurfaces and we get to see the crazy things that were made with hairpin legs in the past – birdcages and lamps for example. How long does hairpin furniture last? It’s been going strong since it was invented and some of the original legs and chair are still around.

butcher-block-table-with-hairpin-legsDo you have a piece of heirloom furniture in your family that needs a refresh? If the table top or seating surface was made of durable materials, you can certainly swap out the legs for new hairpin legs and keep it alive as a piece to hand to further generations – it is that long-lasting. Of course not all hairpin furniture is made equal, but we know our metal hairpin legs are made to last. Our solid metal legs are made of 3/8” or ½” steel – your choice – so they won’t wear out anytime soon! Our metal hairpin legs are so durable that with proper care they will be sure to be around for generations to come. Picking out a solid piece of wood for the tabletop or bench surface will assure the longevity of your piece. So even if you don’t want to hand down your homemade furniture to your loved ones, at least you know it will be around long enough that you can if you want to.