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Liz’s Cabinet on Custom Hairpin Legs

short hairpin legs on cabinet

Sometimes we’re looking for a piece of furniture to complete a room in our home. Sometimes we have a piece of furniture we know we want in our home but we’re not sure where. Either way, our hairpin legs are here to help! Our tall hairpin legs are perfect for desks and dining room tables. Our shorter metal legs go perfectly with bureaus and larger or lower to the ground furniture pieces. We offer different styles to fit the use and look of the furniture you are making. No matter the way you are going about the process, we know you’ll be delighted at how our hairpin legs hold up the furniture you create. Liz found the furniture she wanted to use before she was sure how she wanted to use it. Here’s how she went about her project:

I bought the cabinet at a barn sale in Frederick, MD with the intent of using it as a tall table in my entry foyer. I had it for at least a year before I finally settled on its use. I had a narrow space and needed a side table for my sofa. Then I ran across Modern Legs on Etsy. The fact that you could customize the size for me made all the difference. I decided I wanted to keep the cabinet in its original state, but I did add a little color by painting the top and sides with Sherwin Williams Drizzle.

We’re so glad you found us Liz! Your table is one of a kind, and we’re so glad you shared it with us. Whether you’re looking for a use for furniture you already have or are starting from scratch, our hairpin legs will provide a solid base for whatever you come up with. Send us a pic when you’re done so we can see the end result!