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Kristi’s Hairpin Leg DIY End Table

antique hairpin leg side table

Finding the right piece of furniture for your home can be difficult. Sometimes you have a vision of what you’re looking for but are not able to find that perfect piece. The obvious solution to that is making it yourself! We love that our hairpin legs help folks get the perfect piece of furniture for their space. Preferences and home décor trends change often and can be very personal. Making something yourself supports and highlights those individualities.

Our hairpin legs are the perfect complement to your custom furniture project. From coffee tables to dining room tables our hairpin legs have seen it all. Kristi used our hairpin legs to create this amazing end table. It is so satisfying knowing that a piece of furniture in your home was made by you and is one-of-a-kind. Making an end table like Kristi’s can be fun and simple.

Visiting antique stores or even old garage sales can turn up treasures that could be your next home furniture project. We know you’ll love our product, just like Kristi,

So pleased with the legs! Couldn’t wait to get them on! Thank you!

We’re glad you’re enjoying them Kristi, thanks for sharing!