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Jamie’s Mesquite Live Edge Table with Classic Hairpin Legs

mesquite slab table with classic hairpin legs

Mesquite is a beautiful and unique wood. Jamie sourced a large mesquite slab to make this gorgeous coffee table—not always easy depending on where you live! She chose to use our classic hairpin legs, which accommodate lots of styles and won’t steal the show. If you want a table which focuses on the wood…we tend to suggest the classic hairpins.

This coffee table will be stable and secure without having to conform to the standard square or rectangular shape. For some projects the number of metal legs needed might be more or less than four legs. Jamie chose a customized layout for her table legs, and it let her use a long, unique slab by doing so. Our hairpin legs are all ordered by the piece so the number you order is completely up to you and your project. If you get part way through a project and realize an additional leg would offer the best support; that is easy to add.

We find that most of the DIY hairpin leg furniture our customers make becomes a centerpiece of the room – an eye attraction, if you will. There is something about custom-made furniture that just does that. Jamie’s room, for example, is a neat and nicely put together. The eye cannot help but be pulled to this one-of-a-kind, homemade coffee table. Notice how the hairpin legs support the tabletop – the main player in this piece, but do not steal the show. The final finish you choose to use on the hairpin legs gives you control over how much attention they draw. Keeping them stock lets them play a supporting role in the piece – literally. A finish like a colorful paint will increase the amount of attention they demand. Choose what works best for your project and preferences. And when you’re done, send us a pic so we can see your masterpiece!