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How to Make a Coffee Table

Coffee tables come in all shapes and styles, but for many houses and apartments they are the focal point of the living room, so folks want to own a coffee table that fits their tastes and decor. At Modern Legs we like simple lines and classic building materials like wood, steel and wrought iron. Today we thought we’d give a few simple suggestions for how to make a coffee table.

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If you’re going after a classic wood coffee table, affordable and unique wood choices can depend a little on where you are. On the east coast customers have started with classic eastern hardwoods like oak, maple or walnut. Here in Colorado we have easy access to locust, catalpa and orchard varieties like apple, cherry and pear. On the west coast there are beautiful evergreen varieties like redwood, sequoia and several species of fir. Great cuts of wood can be found at lumber yards, from tree maintenance companies and in reclaimed wood yards from building renovations. Search for ‘reclaimed wood’ or ‘rough cut lumber’ to find sources for unique wood in your area.

When it comes to preparing the wood, you can sand, stain or clear coat your wood…it all depends on your color and protection preferences. We prefer showing off the wood by sanding and using a clear varnish, but it’s up to you. Once you have the wood selected and prepared, it’s time to choose legs. We love the simplicity of the classic hairpin leg, but some customers opt for tube steel or flat bar legs for a seamless design. We always suggest thinking about what height you want your table early in the process. If you’re replacing a table, measure the height of that table if you like that height, and are upgrading the quality of the table.

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When you have your legs picked out, place an order and the process is almost done. Affix your legs to the table with wood screws and you’re done! We’ve heard from customers all over the country who have put together a one-of-a-kind table for $100 or less! Not only did they save some money, but they own a truly unique coffee table that they built. Now that you have some tips on how to make a coffee table…get out there and get creating!