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Hairpin Legs Save a Mahogany Table

We’re believe that using what you already have is one of the best ways to make hairpin leg furniture. An old door, free pallets, or a yard sale find can all make amazing furniture. Elbow grease and a set of modern metal table legs make virtually any old wood into amazing furniture. Here is how Ryan saved a discarded coffee table and turned it into reclaimed furniture:

Someone was throwing out a trashed cafe table and I took it for the base. I decided to sand down the top and realized that it was solid mahogany. So I threw the hairpin legs on the table top to make a coffee table.

green dipped hairpin legsA piece of the original table he wasn’t even planning on using turned into a work of art! Finding a mahogany tabletop may sound improbable, but treasures like this abound. It is amazing what can be found when we keep our eyes peeled. Reclaimed wood can be used in its current state.

Sanding old wood or running it through a planer reveals the next layer that can look young and beautiful. Wire brushing old wood can keep its rough used appearance, it that appeals to you. Reclaimed wood can also be a raw material. Old tables and doors can be cut up or otherwise shaped to create a new tabletop. Your new tabletop can be left untreated if that’s your preference. It can also be oiled, waxed, clear coated, or painted for added appearance and protection. The possibilities are endless and we’re glad Ryan shared his story for inspiration. There are many treasures just waiting to be turned into hairpin leg furniture!