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Hairpin Legs and Pallet Upcycling in Britain

pallet table with three rod hairpin legs

Pallets are one of our favorite furniture building materials. It is not just the fact that using pallets saves them from the landfill and you’re reusing something instead of buying new. The uniqueness of each pallet is so much fun. Taking a rough beat up pallet home without even knowing what wood it is made of is all part of the mystery. In no time at all this discarded packing material has turned into a beautiful piece of furniture. Pallets are great for beginners as they can remove the stress that comes with first-time furniture building. With a pallet, every cut doesn’t have to be perfect the first time. If you finish your first tabletop and don’t like it, source a new pallet and start over!

pallet table with 3 rod hairpin legsPallets aren’t just for those undertaking their first DIY project. In fact, there are folks who make a business out of making pallet furniture. Here’s a pallet table from a team of builders in Britain who are upcycling pallets for their business Remade in Britain. For this coffee table they have used three rod hairpin legs like those we offer. Although there are many options on how to finish (or not) your pallet wood, this table has been sanded smooth and each pallet table will be completely unique as every pallet is different.

All of our hairpin legs go wonderfully with pallet tabletops – as well as other types of pallet furniture. So whether its your first DIY furniture project or one of many, check out our extensive selection of metal hairpin legs, pick up a pallet from a local business and get started. Who knows, maybe you’ll build more than one pallet furniture project, and we’d be happy to supply the hairpin legs to help you get started!