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Do Hairpin Legs Need Protection or Color?

patio table with 3 rod hairpin legs

Do hairpin legs need protection? It is a question we’re often asked. The simple answer is, ‘No’. But you certainly can add protection if you’d like, and it’s simple to do.

So…what are you doing with the hairpin legs? Are they going to be used in a protected or harsh environment? If you’re looking for a leg that will do its job for a long time without much care or hassle, go ahead and use them just the way they are. But if you want to be assured that your hairpin legs will not tarnish or rust and will remain just the way you want them, perhaps protecting your hairpin legs is for you. It’s not necessary to protect the legs, but there is certainly no harm in doing so.

outdoor patio table with 3 bar hairpin legs

Protecting your hairpin legs can be as easy as applying a clear coat intended for metal. Or you can use gun blue to coat them or paint them if you’d like them to be a brighter color. We know that our hairpin legs often offer a silent partner to a showy tabletop and they are happy to do so. But if you’d like to bring a little more attention to the legs themselves, color is a great way to do so. Matching colors bring the legs into the table whereas contrasting colors will highlight the hairpin legs themselves. No matter what you decide, we know your custom hairpin leg furniture will turn out to be one of a kind! In fact, we’d love to see what you come up with so send us a pic of your project!