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Hairpin Legs for Beds

Beds are one of the most important pieces of furniture in our homes! From new beds to rebuilt beds, hairpin legs are a great option!
Hairpin legs are used to build and rebuild many types of furniture. What about using metal hairpin legs on a bed? The answer is Yes! Our hairpin legs can and have been used with beds. We find customers have really liked using our hairpin legs on lower frames. Building a solid platform for your mattress is one options. Updating an older bed with a new set of metal legs is another great option. Many platform and Zen-style beds are simple and functional beds that would be ideal for hairpin legs. If you’re going to use hairpin legs we recommend our thicker gauge (3/4”) hairpin legs.

Bed styles like day beds are another great option for hairpin legs. As with all hairpin leg furniture, rebuilding an old bed or repurposing existing materials into new furniture is always an option. You could even build a bed frame from salvaged pallets! Think about the size bed you’d like. Your measurements may be influenced by your current mattress, room size, or other factors. Then determine how high off the ground you’d like your bed. We offer hairpin legs starting at 4” so we’re sure you’ll find what best suits your needs. If you’re considering a really large bed frame, you could even use more than four legs for added stability. Before you know it, you’ll be sleeping tight on your new bed!