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Hairpin Legs: DIY and the Professional Builder

live edge coffee table with hairpin legs

Zach at Denim Woodworks sent us some pics of his latest work. The table combines a lot of different shapes and colors to give it its unique look. The benches are durable and solid using thick slabs of wood. Both the wood and the metal legs are thick and angular and the simplicity of the bench legs nicely complements the wood bench tops.

live edge benches with metal bench legs

Zach is a bit more than just a home DIYer. Zach is a custom furniture maker specializing in live edge wood sourced from salvaged or sustainable sources in the San Francisco area. Working with wood is a passion of his and it shows in his finished pieces. Here is what he had to say about our metal legs: “Your steel work has taken my wood work up to the next level and I really, really appreciate that!” Our hairpin legs and metal bench legs serve many applications and can be customized to any design. Zach is looking for a product that will hold up to his beautiful and unique creations and a design that compliments the unique wood specimens each of his pieces is made from. If you are making a piece of furniture for yourself, a few for yourself and others, or it is your business to create lasting, well-build furniture, our hairpin legs and bench legs are up to the job.