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Hairpin Legs and Reclaimed Barn Board Table

closeup sewing table with hairpin legs

Many of us wish we had space for our hobbies. It can feel like we need another room or a garage to properly organize our activity of choice. Megan showed us how her beautiful hairpin leg table has made sewing that much better. With a small amount of space and the right amount of table, her sewing room dream came to life! Not only does this hairpin leg table give Megan a place to enjoy herself, but it was also made by her loved ones.

My husband made this sewing table for me from barn wood that was re-claimed by himself and my father, from an early 1900’s barn located north of Atlanta, Georgia. I had been searching for hairpin legs and finally found your site! Was so pleased with them, and it was special to support a local artist from the state where I grew up!

We just loved these. Thank you so much!

hairpin leg sewing table sewing table with hairpin legsIsn’t it wonderful to have a homemade table to sit down at when you are ready to sew? We’re so glad we could be a part of this project. Megan’s table points out how much character reclaimed wood brings to a project. This slab makes a perfect tabletop; it’s beautiful, holds the character of the barn from which it came, and serves the purpose she needed it to. The thickness of this tabletop allows it to span such a sizeable distance while maintaining its structural integrity. The durability of the metal legs will nicely support the tabletop itself along with all of the use it will endure. Thanks for sharing Megan, it’s an amazing table!