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Grant’s Hairpin Leg Coffee Table

Sometimes simple is best! Here is a great hairpin leg coffee table Grant made. If you haven’t built a piece of DIY furniture yet, there is a special pride in sitting around a coffee table you made…we’re sure Grant has that feeling these days!

grants hairpin leg coffee table

We often say all it takes to make a beautiful DIY table is a tabletop and a set of hairpin legs. That maxim is proved true time and time again when customers share their creations with us. We’re glad we can help people make their own custom furniture.

Grant chose to use our original hairpin legs for his coffee table. These modern metal legs have simple lines and classic style. We like to say they go with anything! But we do offer different styles of metal legs as well. Our twist hairpin leg, for example, is just that – literally a twist on the original hairpin leg. We also offer the 3 rod hairpin leg which, as the name suggests ads a third rod to the original hairpin leg for additional stability.

But don’t be fooled, our original hairpin leg is plenty strong to hold up Grant’s table–or pretty much any table–they are made of 3/8-inch steel rod after all. You can also order them in ½-inch steel rod if you’d like. The list goes on and on, but we’ll let you check out all the styles for yourself. Suffice it to say we’re confident you’ll find the perfect set for your next DIY table.

Thanks for sharing the photos Grant…the table turned out great!