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Glass Topped Table with Modern Metal Table Legs

closeup glass topped table with custom metal legs

Almost every project we receive in our inbox is wood-based (and they are gorgeous) but it was a head-turner to see what Jo created using our flat bar metal table legs, a glass table top and only the littlest bit of reclaimed wood for support.

Given the right thickness and construction, glass is a durable, clean and beautiful work surface. It brings a light feeling to both the table and the room. Jo used our bench legs and a bit of reclaimed wood to create her gorgeous glass topped table.

glass topped table with custom metal table legsThe flat bar metal legs work well with the long, sleek feeling of the tabletop, and Jo can still see the wood cross supports through the glass, which ads an additional dimension to the table. Wood has a naturally softer look and feel than either glass or metal while it’s square shape nicely compliments both.

The choice between hairpin legs and bench legs can be a tough call. Both offer a solid platform from which to begin your table. Sometimes the decision just comes down to the finished style you are looking for. Our numerous variations on the hairpin leg offer plenty of variety and our two styles of bench legs can change the look of the finished piece as well. Our tube steel legs are more eye catching and geometric, while the flat bar legs offer a sleek, minimal look.

We think Jo picked the perfect set of metal legs for this table, and we have a feeling she knew the right legs when she saw them.