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Exploring Hairpin Leg Styles

When thinking about hairpin legs, the original hairpin leg may be what comes to mind. The original hairpin leg is a classic design that has come to earn its place in history. Mid-century furniture often sported hairpin legs, either bolted on or built into the design itself. This simple design crafted out of metal could hold up furniture and what we expect furniture to support.

Hairpin legs have been around for decades, and many variations have appeared. We expanded on the classic hairpin leg design in a few ways. The three rod hairpin legs ads additional leg support to the traditional design. If you’re building a large or exceptionally heavy piece, this might be a good option.

Our ‘Just the Tip’ hairpin legs create stability and emphasizing ‘just the tip’ of the hairpin leg. This is another great option if you’re looking for additional support, and it reminds some of our customers of the claw-foot tub designs from last century.

Our Twist hairpin legs take the original hairpin leg and do just that – twist them. This style maintains the simple steel but gives additional shape.

If you’re looking for a bit of a change-up on the round steel bar our hairpin legs are typically made from – our square bar offers a more angular option. No matter what shape you’re looking for, we’ve got high quality, made to order hairpin legs ready for your next DIY furniture project!