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DIY Pallet Furniture: TV Stand with Hairpin Legs

pallet wood tv stand with hairpin legs

We have long touted the wonderful versatility of using pallets to make great furniture with hairpin legs. Here is a perfect example from the all-pallet DIY furniture blog 101 Pallets! Pallets are often a throw-away byproduct of shipping that can be obtained for free and saved from the landfill while providing a great raw material to work from. One of the great things about pallets is that they can be used rough or finished to create whatever look suits your project.

pallet wood tv stand with hairpin legs in living room

It is hard to tell this TV stand is made from banged up old pallets without looking closely. Look at how beautiful and refined the finished product came out. It is amazing what some sanding and clear coating can do to give new life to old wood. It is also a great example of how folks can use shorter hairpin legs to create functional furniture. It is often easy to see the uses for standard coffee table or dining room table sized legs, but the shorter legs are a great option too. We offer customized leg heights to accommodate myriad DIY furniture projects. Our hairpin legs come in even sizes from 4″ – 30″ and in a diameter choice of either 1/2″ or 3/8″ so let your imagination run wild and know you’ll be able to get hairpin legs that will compliment your project. All of our metal legs are made to order and always made in the USA – a great compliment to repurposed pallets!