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DIY Hairpin Leg Entryway Table by A Joyful Riot

diy entryway table with hairpin table legs

Making something with your own hands has its own unique sense of satisfaction. In a day when we can buy anything easily and have it shipped overnight, we don’t often get the chance to craft things by ourselves—and have the pleasure of saying, ‘yeah, I made that’.

Taking the time to make something with our own two hands gives a lasting sense of satisfaction – and perhaps stirs a primal feeling of being connected to the world around us. We love seeing what our customers come up with and we can tell how proud folks are of their very own creations. Whatever steps most appeal to you – the design, building, or finishing steps – we know you’ll have a great time building your own piece of furniture and that is why we make hairpin legs!

diy entryway table with hairpin legsThat said, if the idea of designing and creating a DIY furniture piece entirely on your own seems a little daunting, there are plenty of great resources to help inspire you…or give you step by step instructions. Our friends at A Joyful Riot have put together a stellar tutorial on how they have built their own hairpin leg table. They include all of the steps as well as pictures along the way. We know what a great resource this is and you can see just what you need to do before you even begin. And of course you can see their beautiful final product as well…in this case a beautiful entryway table with hairpin legs. So enjoy the tutorial and have a blast putting together your very own hairpin leg furniture! And don’t forget to send us a picture of your final product!