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DIY Furniture Project – Redwood Coffee Table

We’re big supporters of the DIY furniture movement, and we believe that anyone with some basic tools and an idea can build a beautiful piece of furniture for the home or as a gift. However, there might be something even more inspiring than building a new piece of DIY furniture. How about resurrecting an old piece of furniture? We sold a set of hairpin legs to Mary, and when she finished up her home furniture restoration project, she sent us a photo. Here is Mary’s “new” coffee table, and the quote she sent along with it.

“We were given a handmade redwood table with very thick wood stump legs. After sanding down the black varnish on the top and replacing the stumps with hairpin legs, we now love our one of a kind table. Thank you for having the legs to make this transformation possible.”


After all, anyone can order a coffee table online or pick one out at a furniture warehouse, but now Mary and her family can enjoy their new coffee table and let everyone who compliments it know they made that table! We’re glad our hairpin legs could help complete her DIY furniture project, and thanks to Mary for sending us a photo of the finished product.