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DIY Furniture Project: Custom Plant Table

It’s the time of year when it’s getting colder and the weather is threatening frost. Many folks are bringing plants indoors. Perhaps it’s houseplants that have enjoyed the outdoor weather of summer or tender plants you’ve started this year and want to continue enjoying. Where should these plants go now that colder weather is approaching? How about making a custom table or bench for the flora migrating inside?

How should you go about this? First determine the amount of space the plants will take up and then determine where the respective table will reside. This will give you a good idea of the tabletop size and leg height you’ll need. Finding a tabletop can be as easy as checking for old boards in the garage or finding appropriately sized lumber at the local hardware store or lumber yard. The height of the table will be determined by how high you want your plants. Perhaps you want them up against a windowsill or at a height that’s easy for watering and other maintenance. Measure the height you want the table and subtract the width of the tabletop. That will tell you what leg height you’ll need.

table1 DSC_0005

Now comes the fun part! Head over to the shop and check out the leg styles in stock from our classic hairpin legs to our updated version of the the classic, the Modern Leg, which is a hairpin leg with a twist! If you looking for more weight-bearing duty, check out 3 rod hairpin legs or our “Just the Tip” Legs, which have feet. Perhaps something along the lines of bench legs better fits this project – we offer two styles of bench legs and can make them in custom sizes. Make sure to consider an appropriate coating for the tabletop if damage from watering is a concern. Enjoy bringing a bit of green life into your living space and send us pics of your creations!