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Darkened Live Edge Table with Modern Furniture Legs

The design options are endless when using hairpin leg to make your own table. Here is a table from the folks at WorkGrainWorks in Maine. The slab and modern furniture legs easily make a strong attractive table. But there can certainly be more to it than that. If you’re looking for finishing ideas, here’s a great one. This table’s top design is a careful balance between sanded and painted wood. This is easily achievable on your DIY table. Painting a table and then sanding it back down allows patterns of wood to emerge through the paint. Exactly what ratio of wood and paint is up to you! That’s the beauty of doing it yourself.

The choice to include the living edge in the tabletop nicely maintains the unique aspects of this piece of wood. Here the living edge was included in the sanded painting. Another option that might be right for your table is leaving the living edges their natural wood color. Additionally, using slab wood that retains some of the bark may appeal most to you. Hairpin legs allow for so many tabletop options and endless designs of their accompanying tabletops. Check out the variety of hairpin legs we offer. The folks who chose these hairpin legs went with a classic hairpin leg style. We offer an original hairpin leg. But that’s only the beginning. See if the 3 rod hairpin leg, Just the Tip hairpin leg, or others are right for your project!