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What Have Other Customers Built With Metal Legs?

diy bench with hairpin legs

Looking for ideas or just wondering what is built with our metal hairpin legs and metal bench legs? Here are some ideas!

Sometimes it is fun and helpful to know what others have built with our metal legs. Some of the more commonly used applications are for tables. A table can be one of the quickest and easiest hairpin leg projects one can undertake. It can also be a great place to start if it is one of your first do-it-yourself furniture projects. Tables can be made of repurposed lumber or they can be made using an existing tabletop that gets a facelift with a new set of metal hairpin legs.

diy bench with hairpin legs

Our customers make a lot of benches as well with our bench legs – and sometimes using our hairpin legs. Benches have many applications that make them useful both indoors and outdoors. A bench can–of course–be used alone as a sitting space or it can be combined with a table for seating that takes up less space per person than chairs may. Benches are also a nice outdoor furniture piece to be used on the patio. And yes, our metal legs can be used outdoors as well as indoors.

diy chest with hairpin legs

The DIY furniture possibilities don’t stop with tables and benches. Many customers have made beautiful desks from either hairpin legs or bench legs. The simple, solid look of our metal legs offers a solid work space without taking up a lot of room underneath so there’s plenty of legroom. Less common but very practical pieces from our customers include storage bins, side tables and more. Wooden trunks and other types of storage units go well with short hairpin legs. The sky is the limit on what can be made with our hairpin legs and bench legs, so take a look at what other customers have done or look around you at what furniture you think would look good with a new set of hairpin legs. And don’t forget to send us a picture of your creation!