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Cross Cut Maple Slab Table with Hairpin Legs by Heath

Heath made a custom hairpin leg table with wood from his own property for his mother’s birthday – we can’t think of a better birthday gift! Here’s what he has to say about it:

I completed this project a few months back as a birthday present for my mom. This slab was taken from a Maple tree with incredible spalting that was taken down on our property. Just so happens that the rings counted out to exactly my mom’s age, although I’m not sure she would want me to share that! I took the raw steel legs and applied a blackening agent to create the dark finish. Great product and good turn around time. Will definitely be purchasing again.

maple slab table with dark finish hairpin legsGreat story Heath, thanks for sharing! What a great way to memorialize a tree by making it into a piece of furniture that will last a lifetime. The spalting, or coloration in the tree formed by fungus, certainly makes this piece unique and tells a story about the tree itself. If you have a tree that is part of your property or that of a friend or relative’s, saving a piece to be made into a furniture piece like this is a great way to do it. There will always be a story to tell about this table!

Our original hairpin legs look great blackened as Heath did for this table. It sets of a nice contrast with the light color of the wood and it highlights the wood itself. Our hairpin legs are sold individually, not in sets, and this is exactly why. Heath chose to use three legs on this table which works perfectly; not only will three legs hold the table and keep it stable; the slightly asymmetrical shape of the table nicely fits the three legs. Thank you for sharing Heath and Happy Birthday to your mother!