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Conference Table with Metal Bench Legs

conference table with metal bench legs

In addition to all the styles of metal hairpin legs we make we also offer metal bench legs in pretty much any configuration, and our top two styles are tube steel bench legs and flat bar bench legs. Bench legs are–of course–used to make benches but they are also well designed for use with tables because they give a great amount of stability with only two legs; creating a simple look and undeniable stability.

conference table with custom metal bench legs

Today we’re sharing a great example of a large conference table made by Bill that uses bench legs. These bench legs are 1-inch by 3-inch raw tubular steel legs. In his own words Bill said,

“I made the table from 1890’s white oak barn wood reclaimed from a barn in Frankenmuth, Michigan. Size is 42” wide x 96” long x 2” thick. [The] legs look awesome with the tabletop. My customer was very pleased.”

The table is solid and stable while leaving ample room for chairs around the table. Sometimes having four traditional table legs at each corner of a table can impede multiple chair use, such as in conference table setting, and the bench legs create the perfect solution.

Our standard bench legs come in two options –flat bar and tube steel bench legs, and they are the standard 15-inch bench height. If you’re interested in a custom height…say, shorter legs for a kids bench or higher ones for a table, contact us through the site and let us know what you’re working on. Chances are we can make you a custom set for your project, and your bench or table can be the next finished piece we share on the blog!