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Combining Wood Types with Metal Hairpin Table Legs

Combining wood types is a great way to create a unique piece of hairpin leg furniture. Different woods can accent each other well, without the added step of staining or otherwise altering the wood to gain contrast. Wood naturally has variation in grain pattern, color, growth patterns, and much more. Finding different types of wood that work well together can create an unforgettable piece of hairpin leg furniture.

maple and walnut table with metal hairpin table legs

One thing to keep in mind when working with a two (or more) woods that they will handle differently. Though combining wood types may create stunning designs, it may take a little extra care to help them work best together. For example, if the woods you are using have two different densities, they will plane and sand at different rates. The harder wood may need more attention to arrive at a smooth surface.

Think about which lumber you are going to work with and what each one needs to come out correctly. It may be best to do the rough sanding before assembly and the finish sanding after it is assembled. Then you just need to put on the hairpin legs you’ve picked out and send us a picture. We know you can come up with an amazing hairpin leg table and we’d love to see it!