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Coffee Table with Creative Table Legs

How can you create a unique coffee table that perfectly suits your living room? How about starting with one of our creative hairpin leg styles and building your coffee table from the ground up? We received an email from Sean showing off his amazing round coffee table made with our ‘Just the Tip’ hairpin legs, which we like to describe as ‘hairpin legs with feet’.

Sean’s new table reminds us of a shield, or a crest and we can honestly say he’s created a piece of furniture unlike anything our customers have sent in before. We’re happy our creative table legs helped Sean get his project completed, and here is what Sean had to say about it:

My friends love our new table and I’m passing out your website to everyone that asks.

Thanks again!


If you are thinking of building your own furniture, or updating a table or chair with a stripped-down modern look, take a look at the creative leg styles we’ve come up with, and you might just find the perfect hardware to get you started. As always, when you finish, send us a photo…we love showing off the amazing DIY furniture our customers come up with!