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Teak Sideboard or Bar with Short Hairpin Legs

teak sideboard with hairpin legs drawers out

A sideboard or home bar can be fun! How about something substantial and a little retro? A substantial piece of furniture adds a lot to a home. They are endlessly versatile as well. From a design perspective, large furniture often don’t leave much room for legs. With so much weight it’s important to have legs that will effortlessly stand up to the test.

Metal hairpin legs are perfect for just such a job. Our hairpin legs come in steel rod as thick as 3/8-inches thick. How’s that for support! Offered in varied heights, our hairpin legs come as short as 4-inches. This leaves plenty of options for any size furniture you’re hoping to build or refinish. Those sturdy little legs will do a perfect job on your larger furniture. This teak sideboard from Amsterdam Modern is a great example of modern design. There is lots of storage both in the drawers and on the top.

This is an original piece of furniture that has been upgraded with a new set of hairpin legs. Restoring old furniture with new metal legs is also a great way to go if you’re redecorating. Many pieces of older furniture are still around and in amazing shape. But the original furniture legs are not always so lucky. Modernizing antique furniture with turn-of-the-century-style hairpin legs can be a great way to create custom furniture!

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Jane and Sonja’s Console Table with Hairpin Table Legs

Reclaiming old materials and turning them into unique hairpin leg furniture is a rewarding experience, but sometimes those amazing reclaimed wood pieces we see on Pinterest can seem a little out of reach. If you’ve never used reclaimed wood, you may have some questions like, How much should it be refinished? Should the wood be left in its current state or altered? Should it be completely refurbished? Should it be somewhere in between? The answers ultimately may be different for each of us.

Sometimes the process others take can help you figure out the answers that will work for you. Looking at the path the wood takes from raw material to finished product gives a great visual for how far you want to rework your reclaimed wood; and it can show you exactly what a tired barn board can turn into with a little bit of elbow grease!

reclaimed wood table with hairpin table legsJane and Sonja are sisters and the minds behind Sustain My Craft Habit. They certainly know what they’re doing when it comes to reclaimed wood furniture, and here is an example; a beautiful console table made with hairpin table legs. They walk you through the steps they took and give a great visual journey of what they did to turn tired lumber into a beautiful piece of DIY furniture. Their finished table maintains the aged look of the original material while giving it a new finished look at the same time. Hairpin table legs perfectly compliment the wood. The dark steel of the hairpin legs perfectly plays off the darker wood coloring. A big ‘thank you’ to Jane and Sonja for sharing the process that created this beautiful and functional hairpin leg table!

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Vintage Danish Credenza with Short Hairpin Legs

danish cabinet with hairpin legs

Hairpin leg furniture comes in all shapes and sizes, and we love seeing a unique hairpin leg piece. Another thing about furniture like this is that it’s useful! There is always a balance between the beautiful and the useful, and we think this piece meets both criteria!

The credenza–as a piece of furniture–has a great history; it was originally designed to serve wealthy homeowners as a buffet table with storage built in. Today credenzas serve many uses in a home and are a welcome addition to the kitchen, dining room, office, and so on. Our hairpin legs go so well on credenzas as they can accommodate whatever size you are restoring or creating. A shorter leg size, say 4”, will keep it lower to the ground.

If you have a smaller credenza, taller legs will bring it up off the ground for greater ease of use. It goes without saying that different styles of hairpin legs will complement the style of the credenza itself.

A big, ‘thank you’ to Bryan for sharing his photos of this vintage Danish rosewood credenza. Bryan is a buyer, seller, and lover of modern furniture based in Phoenix…you can check out more of his pieces on Instagram.

This is a great example of how the credenza fits the mid-century modern mold, and if you haven’t had one before, consider how well it might fit in your home and how useful it is without taking up much real estate. Whichever size and style you decide to go with we know you’ll love it!