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Can You Guess the Wood in Robert’s Hairpin Leg Table?

We were amazed at the green hues in this amazing wood. Robert made this console table from a living edge slab of rare wood. Any guesses what it is? Many of us have eaten the nuts from this tree but not many have seen the wood in person. It’s pistachio! That makes the green coloring a little more explainable, but not all pistachio wood is this colored. This is a truly amazing specimen.

exotic console table with twist hairpin table legs

Live edge wood is always unique but even more so in this case. Not many folks have seen pistachio wood or even a pistachio tree so keeping the live edges really tells the story of this wood. It is fun to picture the size of the tree it must have come from. The dark coloring of remaining bark perfectly blends into the Twist hairpin legs. Choosing the style of hairpin legs can really change the overall image of the table. The taller height required of console tables necessitates a tall set of hairpin legs. This additional height allows for the metal legs to really show what they’re made of and be an artistic part of the furniture. We think the dark set of Twist hairpin legs is perfect on this table. We’re glad Robert is happy with them too:

Your outstanding legs compliment an equally outstanding piece of pistachio. Thank you so much for your creative and solid craftsmanship and outstanding service.

Thanks for sharing, Robert. We’re glad you had the opportunity to work with this amazing live edge slab wood. Excellent finished product!