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Caitlin’s Beer Crate Hairpin Leg Table

One of the best things about our hairpin legs is that they truly allow you to make any piece of furniture you want. From type of furniture – coffee table, desk, dining room table, to materials used – repurposed door, upgraded existing table, slab wood, reclaimed pallet, or even a beer crate! And that is just what Caitlin did. Check out this awesome beer crate hairpin leg table.

moosehead beer crate side table with hairpin legs

More than a few of us have seen an antique crate that was created for milk, beer or fruit and thought, ‘what a cool crate…but what would I use it for?’, well, an antique crate makes a great side table. The finished piece is certainly unique and the beer company’s logo adds character.

If you don’t have crates like these lying around, check out your local antique shops, flea markets or yard sales. When Caitlin paired the crate with our metal hairpin legs, she was able to preserve the antique look, because the legs have a timeless quality to them. Whether your wooden box is an antique or not, adding a set of hairpin legs will give it a classic look.

At Modern Legs we offer hairpin legs from 4-inches in height to 30-inches so no matter what your project you’ll be sure to have the metal legs that fit perfectly. Caitlin used the original style hairpin legs for her project but we make other styles as well such as Just the Tip legs and 3 rod hairpin legs. Check out all of our offerings and see what works best for your project. All of our metal legs are made to order and are made right here in the USA!