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Bruce’s Table with Turquoise Inlay and Hairpin Legs

3 rod hairpin leg coffee table

Redwood, turquoise inlay, and hairpin legs? It’s almost more than we can handle! Bruce shared this inspiring coffee table made with our 3 rod hairpin legs. The redwood looks gnarly and rugged with the living aspects of the tree intact. When wood is cut and dried it can form natural cracks. These cracks can be ignored or more often they are filled in. A simple clear epoxy will certainly get the job done. But an even better option can be turquoise inlay. The contrast between wood and turquoise really brings a piece to life. Bruce runs BP Sheely Designs in Utah and we’re proud to have him as a customer. We love seeing what he makes. Here’s what he has to say about us:

I am totally excited about Modern Legs. Best legs on the web. I cannot match anything else locally.

Thanks Bruce, your work is inspiring! This table is a great example of how hairpin legs can perfectly fit custom tables. This non-standard tabletop shape does not lend itself well to the standard four-leg layout. Ordering only the legs he needed, Bruce was able to place them perfectly.

All of our metal legs are made right here in the USA! We also source our steel from the U.S. So for those of you like Bruce who are making amazing custom work, you can be sure that when you add our metal legs to your hand crafted creations, you’re supporting US craftsmanship. Thank you for sharing Bruce!