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“Boomerang” Desk with Modern Metal Table Legs

closeup boomerang desk with modern metal table legs

Having the right workspace makes a huge difference. And what could be more perfect than a custom-made desk? Making the right desk for your office might involve making the entire desk from scratch. It might mean converting something like a table into a workspace. Or it might mean adapting an existing desk into something that fits you perfectly. Using simple metal table legs is a great way to retrofit a current desk into an amazing workspace. For example, hairpin legs take up minimal space while being strong and durable. That gives heavier furniture like a desk a lighter feel underneath while ensuring stability.

For example, the folks over at Amsterdam Modern had this fun “boomerang” style desk for sale. It is a unique piece of furniture that shows just how great hairpin legs can look on a desk. The four hairpin legs provide ample stability but take up minimal space. The desk is nicely balanced both aesthetically and physically. The shelf combining the two halves is a nice touch as well. Whatever desk or workspace you’re undertaking there are a range of possibilities. Undertaking a small project at first may feel more doable. Or perhaps you’re a bit more seasoned and a larger hairpin leg furniture project is in your future. Either way, happy hairpinning!