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Beautiful Tables with 3 Rod Hairpin Legs

live edge coffee table hairpin legs

Bent metal hairpin legs come in many different shapes and sizes. There are–of course–the standard bent metal hairpin leg that we call ‘the classic’ hairpin leg, but there are other types as well. The 3 rod hairpin leg is one such variation. Just as the name suggests, there is a third support added to these hairpin legs to give added support as well as another style option. This beautiful table is a great example of the 3 rod hairpin legs on a final piece. The tabletop has been made with different colored woods which nicely displays the color and highlights the wood as well as the design layout.

modern wood table with 3 rod hairpin legs

Notice the subtle design features that make this table so nice. The tabletop is made of a neutral wood color that has its own color variations. Then a lighter colored wood has been added perpendicular to the direction of the rest of the wood which brings both color and directional contrast. The tabletop has been framed in a dark wood which adds yet another layer of contrast. This framing has been screwed in and instead of leaving the screws exposed, the builder decided to create a more finished look of plugging the screws. The plugs could have been made from the same dark wood of the framing but a light wood was chosen to again add contrast and highlight the plugs themselves.

In addition to the well thought out tabletop, the placement of the hairpin legs was very intentional as well. Attaching metal legs in the outer corners of the tabletop often works well. In this instance the legs are attached back from the corners a bit on opposite sides of the table. This will allow for more leg access room to those sitting at the ends of the table. This piece was nicely done and a great way to use the three rod hairpin legs. Making a tabletop for your hairpin legs can be an elaborate project like this or something as easy as repurposing some wood already have around the house or barn. Either way, our hairpin legs, three rod or otherwise, will serve you well. Happy building!