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Annie’s Live Edge Conference Room Table with Bench Legs

live edge conference table with metal bench legs

Here at Modern Legs we love what we do – making metal legs. But even more, we love seeing what our customers do with them. A custom made piece of furniture can really dress up any space it’s added to. Sometimes a unique piece of furniture transforms an office or a home into something amazing, instead of the cookie cutter feeling so many workplaces have. Office spaces tend to be standardized and less imaginative that our homes.

live edge conference table with custom metal legs

Annie has made sure that won’t be said of this conference room. The table she constructed transforms the atmosphere of the room and nicely brings together all other aspects of the room from the wood décor to the metal support structure. The wood is a gorgeous live edge piece that brings the wildness of the tree into the more sterile interior world. Annie has used metal bench legs to create a simple yet strong supportive look for this conference room table.

The metal bench legs…or should we say, metal table legs are a solid metal leg style that offers great stability and can handle heavier loads than standalone legs. We offer two styles – tube steel and flat bar – in standard and custom heights. Get in touch if you want to make a custom piece like this and chances are we’ll be able to come up with a perfect fit for the table, bench or anything else you’re thinking of building. Great job Annie! We’re proud to share your piece as inspiration for others, and we know you’ll get compliments on the table for years to come.