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Allison’s Custom Metal Bench Leg Table

high top table with custom bench legs closeup

We like to say our metal legs are fit to use on just about any project. The hairpin legs can be used for a table, bench, or bureau. The bench legs can be used for a bench, table, or bookshelf. We offer a wide variety of styles and sizes but sometimes a custom order is called for. We love that our customers come up with great furniture ideas and custom ordered metal legs to go with them! If there’s something you have in mind, just let us know. Chances are if it’s made of metal we’ll be able to make it. Allison loves her custom metal legs. And the finished product is amazing! The legs on this table are a customized version of our flat bar bench legs. But clearly they are doing a great job as a table! Allison said:

Just wanted to send a big thank you for the custom built legs! They were perfect for the project and the end result turned out gorgeous! Thanks again for all your help!

Amazing table Allison! The clear finish is so pristine it is hard to see where the table ends and the rest of the room begins! We are happy we were able to come up with the right set of metal legs for this table.

Storage and multiple uses of space are great ideas to consider whenever undertaking a project for your house. The way Allison’s table was designed clearly took space into consideration. The custom metal legs make the table tall enough to easily store stools underneath. This makes for ease of use around the table when it’s not in use. The stools are already out of the way and the table serves as another horizontal surface for kitchen prep work, a stand-up workspace, or whatever else is needed at the moment. Thank you for sharing Allison – beautiful table!