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50s Style Desk with Modern Metal Table Legs

hairpin leg desk closeup

It is always fun to see styles that seem to always be in. This 50s-style desk is rocking those hairpin legs. The desk style may have been popular more than half a century ago, but it is still relevant today. We can even see a laptop looking right at home on that desk – something inconceivable at the time. This desk, from Amsterdam Modern is a perfect illustration of how timeless hairpin legs are in the realm of metal table legs.

We sell our hairpin legs by the piece, not in sets of four. This desk shows you why. This desk could certainly be used with four hairpin legs – two tall and two short. But why eliminate a great style element when you can just use two hairpin legs? Hairpin legs go well with many different number setups – and they don’t mind sharing.

Mix things up and think about how many hairpin legs would go best with your project. Maybe it turns out four will go perfectly – but more or less may also be great options. This desk uses a set of 3-rod hairpin legs. Three-rod legs are use both for their looks and as a set of supports that can sustain a bit more weight.

Anyway, our hat is off to Amsterdam Modern for a great 50s style 3-rod hairpin legs desk. Keep up the good work!